Ultimate cycling pleasure with the GAADI Comfort

When we started with our idea for GAADI, we wanted to achieve one thing above all: to make changing the hose as easy as possible. With the GAADI Comfort we have now come one step closer to our goal. Changing the tube on the bike is easier and quicker than ever before.

With the GAADI Comfort, we have concentrated on everything that makes changing the hose even easier for you and ensures that you can enjoy your GAADI Comfort for even longer.

And this is the result:

  • The universal fit: Adapts to (almost) any tire size.
  • The hose change is faster than ever before due to the simpler assembly.
  • The higher level of comfort makes rolling with the new hose more comfortable.
  • The improved quality ensures that the GAADI Comfort lasts even longer.
  • A bicycle tube “Made in Germany”
Wheel sizes
Tire width



The GAADI bicycle tube is small and light and can therefore easily be stowed in any saddlebag. Installation is also child’s play. The two ends of the GAADI bicycle tube meet even at low air pressure and create a seamless connection.

1. Step

Use a tire lever to loosen the casing from the rim on one side of the wheel.

2. Step

Remove the defective conventional bicycle tube from the jacket.

3. Step

Insert the GAADI bicycle tube in the original condition into the jacket.

4. Step

Take the GAADI bike tube, insert the valve into the valve hole and secure with the nut.

5. Step

Gradually insert the hose by turning the impeller. Be careful not to twist it when inserting it.

6. Step

Pull the casing back onto the rim. Now inflate as usual. Please pay attention to the permissible pressure of your bicycle jacket and that it sits correctly on the rim.

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