The idea: make two out of one.

Flat tires always happen when you really don’t need them. We also had this experience when a flat tire on our bike got in the way of a trip with the family and we didn’t have the necessary tools with us. In the days that followed, we kept asking ourselves if there wasn’t a way to change the inner tube without changing the wheel. There is this possibility!

After years of trial, testing and finally prototyping, we developed the GAADI dual ended bicycle tube. It is particularly practical for e-bikes and Dutch bikes, for example. But even with mountain bikes, the GAADI bicycle tube can be a lifesaver.

Wheel sizes


The GAADI bicycle tube is small and light and can therefore easily be stowed in any saddlebag. Installation is also child’s play. The two ends of the GAADI bicycle tube meet even at low air pressure and create a seamless connection.

1. Step

Use a tire lever to loosen the casing from the rim on one side of the wheel.

2. Step

Remove the defective conventional bicycle tube from the jacket.

3. Step

Unroll the GAADI bicycle tube and pump it on slightly.

4. Step

Take a short section of the GAADI bicycle tube, insert the valve into the valve hole and secure with the nut.

5. Step

Gradually insert the hose by turning the impeller. Be careful not to twist it when inserting it.

6. Step

Pull the casing back onto the rim. Now inflate as usual. Please pay attention to the permissible pressure of your bicycle tire and that it sits correctly on the rim.

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