GAADI Bicycle Tube GmbH is a German company based in Mönchengladbach on the Lower Rhine. In 2004, Adi Jetten and Gabriel Petrovan laid the foundation for today’s company. The first open GAADI bicycle tube was built in their own garage and immediately tried out on their own bike. A short time later, both of them had the GAADI bicycle tube patented by the European Patent Office. The GAADI Bicycle Tube is a neologism from the first names of the two inventors Gabriel Petrovan and Adi Jetten.

In 2009, Dana Fischer came across the two developers and has been supporting GAADI commercially ever since. She not only provided the financial resources for production and development, but also pushed ahead with the founding of Jetten-Fischer-Petrovan GbR, later GAADI Bicycle Tube GmbH.
Since then, Klaus Fischer Dreh- und Presstechnik GmbH has been involved as a close partner of GAADI Bicycle Tube GmbH.


Put an end to long repairs.

We’ll get you and your bike rolling again quickly. Because with GAADI changing the hose is child’s play. And you don’t even get your hands dirty doing it.

Instead of laboriously removing the wheel or chain case, the open GAADI bicycle tube can simply be inserted into the jacket. Even complex switching, braking or drive systems are no problem for the GAADI bicycle tube.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing sports, in your free time or on your way to work – in the event of a flat tyre, you can change the bicycle tube quickly and easily. Without a lot of tools. Without injuries. Without dirt.
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